Mechanical Engineering is universally considered as the cornerstone of almost all fields of engineering science. The various disciplines of mechanical engineering are ubiquitous, not only in simple to complex applications of industry, but also in our quotidian everyday life. Therefore, any engineering educational program should take into account the inherent multi- disciplinary characteristics of mechanical engineering major. The Department of Mechanical Engineering of Anwer khan modern university Dhaka has undergone through several stages of evolution and progress since its establishment in 2018. Today, congruent with 21st century’s requirements and in harmony with modern branches of science, such as Nanotechnology or Bio-Mechanics, Mechatronics and emergence of modern methods of education such as virtual or e-learning and long life self-learning skills, the mechanical engineering curricula has been programmed based on new paradigms and futuristic visions in order to prepare engineers for confronting the societal and ethical aspects of their professional life and the challenges of modern technologies. The Department’s academic program can be divided basically into undergraduate and graduate education. It has always tried to keep a well-defined and logical balance between endeavors towards both undergraduate and graduate programs. In undergraduate level, the program is focused in educating and training qualified engineers to commence their profession on industrial sector and service/commercial sector with high management and leadership skills.


The Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (ME) program is a four (4) year program consisting of 8 semesters of 6 months duration, 2 semesters in a year and 20 cycles/weeks per semester.


This is a 158 credit program including core courses consisting of lab work and a project/thesis of 3 credit hours. Each of the theory course contains 3 credits and lab course contains 1.5 or 0.75. The length of each course is 20 weeks, of which 14 weeks for classes (3 hours per week). Number of classes for each course in a week is 3, consisting of 1 hour per class.


A student obtaining a Bachelor of Science in ME may specialize in any of the following areas:
1. Manufacturing Engineering.
2. Innovative Drawing & Design.
3. Aeronautical Engineering.
4. Thermal & Energy Engineering.
5. Marine Engineering.
6. Automobile Engineering.
7. Control Engineering.
8. Refrigeration & Air conditioning Engineering.
9. Fluid Mechanics & Machineries.
10. Industrial Management.



Assistant Professor

BSc. in ME (IUBAT)

MSc. in ME (DUET)


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Nusrat Jahan Imu

Assistant Professor

B.Sc. in ME (RUET)

MSc. in ME (Germany)

Ph.D. Ongoing (Germany)

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