To establish a “Centre of Excellence” in higher education that will earn reputation and recognition both nationally and internationally.


The prime mission of Anwer Khan Modern University is to develop human resources through appropriate teaching, training and guidance. To encourage and inspire the students for creation of knowledge through which national socio-economic development could be enriched as well as patriotism and ethical values be sustained in particular.

This overall mission is designed and planned to attain through offerings churches and curricula relating to various aspects of knowledge.

Anwer Khan Modern University students will be guided to build up them on the following areas for development:

  • 1. Lifelong learners with positive leadership skills.
  • 2. To make themselves critical thinkers with well developed analytical skills.
  • 3. High proficient in oral, written and electronic communication.
  • 4. To sustain ethical and moral values.
  • 5. To contribute for social development.
  • 6. Development of accommodative characteristics, champions of diversity and tolerance


To meet the present and future challenges of the country with a view to create high quality human resources that might acquire competence to fill up the position of international consultant/experts working in Bangladesh. This effort ultimately will save huge amount of foreign currency of the country.

Strategic Plan of Anwer Khan Modern University

The university aims at
(1) offering socially relevant academic programs consisting of a substantial general education component in all undergraduate programs;
(2) recruiting and retaining good students, well-trained faculty with graduate degrees from overseas and qualified staff;
(3) promoting effective teaching, quality research, and service;
(4) providing appropriate physical facilities including classroom, labs and library with state of the art educational technology;
(5) Providing co-curricular and extra-curricular activities;
(6) practicing good governance and administration that encourage academic freedom and faculty-staff participation and
(7) purposeful engagement of our alumni and community leaders.